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Cool Springs Mulch & Stone
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Mulch in Statesville, NC

We offer FREE Delivery within 10 miles for our MULCHES on 11 yds or more!
We have all natural mulch and mulch for the one that wants to save money on their landscaping project.
One of the primary reasons to add mulch to your landscape is not only to add beauty but for moisture retention. Mulch can suppress weeds and keep flower beds to a lower maintenance for the homeowner. It can also help with erosion of the area that it is laid upon. There are many reasons to pick beautiful mulch for your landscape that can also provide great benefits.
Our mulches include: We carry high quality mulches for the best prices around! Come see our large selection


  • Eastern Loblolly
  • Pine Straw (long leaf needles)
  • White and Yellow Pine Bark
  • Pine Fines
  • Pine Fines
  • Aged Pine

Dyed Mulches

  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black

Hardwood mulches

  • Shredded hardwood
  • Double ground hardwood
  • Aged hardwood
  • Hardwood fines